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Merlin's Magic ~ Chakra Meditation Music (1996) Easy CD-DA / Ape & Cue ~ 207 Mb, No Log | Cover included New Age / Meditative / Healing Label: Inner Worlds Music ~ Source: My CD “ Chakra Meditation Music is a set of lush melodies designed to tap into the chakras of the human body. Using over 20 acoustic instruments, field recordings and layering techniques, Merlin's Magic has crafted an overtone masterpiece. He uses the natural sonorities of the instruments - including singing bowls - to create the overtone. The music surrounds deep listeners with warmth and love. The huge atmospheres are perfect for - well - meditation, relaxation and any healing art associated with music or sounds. This CD will appeal to fans of Jonathan Goldman, Jorge Alfano, Anugama and Deuter... All Music ” Song List: 01. Introduction 02. Root Chakra 03. Sacral Chakra 04. Sloar Plexus Chakra 05. Heart Chakra 06. Throat Chakra 07. Brow ~ Or Third Eye - Chakra 08. Crown Chakra 09. Sounds into Silence part 1 part 2 ~ part 3

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